Florida Institute for Child Welfare: Podcast Streaming


Dr. Pryce is the host of a new podcast resource that informs and supports the child welfare workers of Florida.

The podcast series is titled: “Child Protection Caseworker Support.”  The eight-episode series will feature the institute’s director, who will discuss issues facing frontline child welfare professionals and offer guidance on a variety of issues pertinent to the field.

“As we continue to research the workforce and strategize around improvement, this podcast series is an accessible resource for child welfare professionals,” Pryce said. “In this field, we are tasked with working with families that are dealing with very complex challenges, so we chose this method of sharing relevant research findings, as well as practice tools. It is my hope that this podcast content resonates with our workforce and that each listener feels seen, heard and more equipped.”

Topics include burnout, compassion fatigue and vicarious trauma. These phenomena are very real for child welfare workers, and the podcast discussions differentiate between these concepts so that workers are better able to identify what they are going through and seek out the most relevant resources. One episode tackled how to identify depressive symptoms with the families that workers serve and how to prioritize racial equity within decisions.

You can listen to this resource on the following streaming sites (youtube, itunes, soundcloud).

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