More evidence of racial bias in child welfare – and an ingenious new way to curb it

Article originally published on the website for the  National Coalition of Child Protection Reform.  When writing about the racial bias that permeates child welfare, I often mention a study in which caseworkers were given hypothetical cases. Everything was identical except the race of the family.  The result: Children were assessed as being at greater risk when [...]

Dr. Jessica Pryce Highlights Implicit Bias through Child Welfare TEDTalk

Original Article Posted by FSU College of Social Work Author: RACHEL CORRY Dr. Jessica Pryce and her team at the Florida Institute for Child Welfare(Institute) are continuously working with researchers and organizations to find effective, evidence-based solutions to child welfare challenges in Florida. As a part of this mission, Pryce has actively sought out unique, innovative opportunities [...]

Transform child welfare; take race out of the equation

The intractable issue of racial injustice is creating and perpetuating child trauma and disrupting family wellbeing. Child protection authorities taking black children into custody at higher rates is not a new phenomenon. In 1972, Andrew Billingsley and Jeanne Giovannoni wrote a book  that traced the history of unjust treatment of black families by the child [...]

The long history of separating families in the U.S. and the trauma that lingers (Re-Post)

(The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.) This article is authored by: Dr. Jessica Pryce, Florida State University This article was originally published on The Conversation. Read the original article here. It has since been re-published by the LATimes, Houston Chronicle and Chicago Tribune. During the [...]

Transformational Leadership

I had my first leadership position at age 11. After being an avid Sunday school goer since I was quite young, my Pastor appointed me Secretary of our small Sunday School class. What does the secretary do? Every week, I was responsible for taking notes/minutes accurately and reporting them articulately to members. I had so [...]