White Paper: Using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics in Decision Making

White Paper published this week: Using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics in Decision Making  The world is becoming increasingly dependent on technology, cell phones, and other hand-held devices that put the entirety of the internet in the hands of users. Streaming services provide users with real-time up-to-date recommendations on television shows, YouTube clips, [...]

Blind Removal Meetings — What Are They?

I just joined Medium.com! Here's my first article. The intractable issues of racism and discrimination have been persistent in our country and throughout the world. Racism has found its way into nearly every crevice of society. We have read about bias in the criminal justice system, we have witnessed the subjectivity within interactions with law enforcement, we’ve seen the [...]

Grants Available for Disparity Research

The Florida Institute for Child Welfare (Institute) is pleased to invite proposals for research examining biases that result in disparity within the child welfare system in Florida or among dually-served or crossover youth (youth arrested from the general population and those with current Department of Children and Families ‘out-of-home’ placements). The Institute seeks to understand [...]

The Need to Increase Awareness of Implicit Bias

Original Article Authored by Lisa Wong and published at http://www.governing.com Authored by: Lisa Wong, Senior Fellow Implicit bias is everywhere. From the workplace and health care settings to daily interactions at the supermarket and in our neighborhoods, there are numerous conscious and unconscious ways in which our own race and those of others affect behavior [...]

Former Child Welfare Caseworker and Social Work Researcher Acknowledges Higher Rates of Child Removals and the Destruction of Black Families

Article originally posted on Medium. Authored by: Latagia Copeland Tyronce, MSW I recently stumbled across a new TED Talk conference/video, hosted by social worker and scholar Dr. Jessica Pryce, which reiterates what I and other child welfare reform advocates are already well aware of; child welfare professionals not only target black families but also are [...]