After Pandemic, We Must Prevent the Net from Widening on Black Families

"...we can’t settle for intervening. We have to be ready to consider the predictive, unique and unprecedented need among black families. If the presumptions are true, then there is neglect occurring that we do not know about. What will our posture be when we meet these families? It’s a balancing act to have gratitude for [...]

The Case for Race-Blind Foster Care Removal Decisions

Latagia Tyronce’s two children were playing and one, a toddler, was burned by a blow-dryer. Despite the support of the children’s grandmother, and the compelling evidence that this was an accident, Ohio’s Lucas County Department of Children’s Services removed Tyronce’s children and she was arrested for felony child endangerment. What if the decision to remove and/or [...]

Florida Institute for Child Welfare: Podcast Streaming

Dr. Pryce is the host of a new podcast resource that informs and supports the child welfare workers of Florida. The podcast series is titled: “Child Protection Caseworker Support.”  The eight-episode series will feature the institute’s director, who will discuss issues facing frontline child welfare professionals and offer guidance on a variety of issues pertinent [...]

Dr. Pryce Selected as Policy Fellow with National Black Child Development Institute

This fellowship will elevate and accelerate Black leaders to ensure leadership at the national level more closely reflects the young children that are being served in education and other systems. Throughout this two-year program, NBCDI Policy Fellows will incubate new approaches to policies and work to reform systems to help Black children realize their full [...]

Dr. Pryce sits down with Children’s Home Society Director of Training, to discuss Racial Equity

A few weeks ago, our Institute hosted A Symposium on Racial Equity. It was an amazing experience. I was able to sit down and chat with one of our sponsors, Rene Ledford. She is the Director of Training and Quality Improvement for Children's Home Society. Listen to our reactions from the Symposium and our take [...]

Child Welfare is not Exempt from Structural Racism

  Social workers and social scientists have a duty to educate, clarify and raise consciousness when empirically unfounded conclusions that can be harmful to marginalized populations are promoted as fact. Some may read Naomi Schafer Riley’s blog for the American Enterprise Institute – No, The Child Welfare System Isn’t Racist – and deem it as just another piece [...]